@PublicSafetyEDU is now on WordPress


It doesn’t seem that long ago that @PublicSafetyEDU was created as a Twitter handle to build an account in order to teach a course in the use of social media in emergency services/public safety. Shortly after that, PublicSafetyEDU was built into a social media brand by adding its own email (PublicSafetyEDU@gmail.com), companion Google+ page, Facebook (www.Facebook.com/publicsafetyinfo), and Instagram. It only seems appropriate that a social media blogging site be added to the list and the announcement made using that site. PublicSafetyEDU would like to welcome all public safety, training, education, and support partners to the newest addition to the family-WordPress! Everyone is welcome and hopefully all will find something useful among the many tools used to pass along information related to the public safety/emergency services fields and the education/training needed to stay frosty.

Happy reading!


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